Lead Acid Batteries

The Range - Lead Acid & Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Security and Standby

Applications of Battery

Solar and Remote

Golf Cart Application

Golf Buggy

Mobility Scooters Use Batteries


UPS Backup Application

UPS Backup

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Drypower Sealed Lead Acid Batteries: The huge range of battery fitments for a wide variety of Cyclic, Standby & UPS applications.

Drypower Gel Battery

Drypower Gel Batteries: Designed specifically for Deep Cycle / Motive power applications, Drypower Gel provides exceptional performance and longer service life.

Rechargable Lithium Battery

Drypower Lithium Battery: High capacity, light weight deep cycle rechargeable Lithium batteries & modules for use in a multitude of applications. Drypower Lithium delivers extra long service life (up to 2000 cycles) and excellent high temperature tolerances for maximum return on investment